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Welcome to the newly
created SoftMax Pro users'
community for protocol
sharing, exchanging tips
and tricks, as well as
networking with other
experienced users.

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One of the many great
features in
SoftMax Pro
is the ability to export
protocols so they may
be shared with others.

To export a protocol for
sharing execute the following
steps in order from within
SoftMax Pro v6.1 or later,
  1. Describe your protocol
    in its top/first Notes Section
  2. Select the Protocol tab
  3. Select the 'Export for
    Sharing' button
  4. Save the resulting .spz
    file to your hard drive
When you have saved your
.spz file upload it using
the button below.


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Download the app from here and then use it to send a Yo to 'NEWPROTOCOL'. Every time a new protocol is uploaded you’ll be Yo'd.