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Molecular Devices

pH-Xtra Glycolysis Assay - Agilent

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This protocol is for the pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Assay (Agilent)
Optimized settings for assay detection with the SpectraMax M5 are provided in the protocol for both fluorescence and time-resolved fluorescence intensity data acquisition. Optimized settings for all other compatible Molecular Devices plate readers are described in the introduction and can be applied by the user in the instrument settings dialogue. To determine if further assay optimization is required the signal performance of the control wells is automatically calculated. Rates are automatically calculated by Vmax kinetic reduction (units per second) and can be further adjusted by the user if necessary.  
The time-resolved fluorescence intensity protocol is compatible with: SpectraMax Gemini XPS/EM, M4 to M5e, iD5, Flexstation 3 as well as i3/i3x and Paradigm if equipped with the HTRF or TRF-EuSa Filter Cartridge.
Showcases Data Analysis
Read Mode Time Resolved Fluorescence
SoftMax Pro Version 7.0
Primary Instrument Used SpectraMax i3x
Suitability Any

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