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Molecular Devices

CatchPoint SimpleStep ELISA (SpectraMax Paradigm)

Protocol File CatchPoint SSE (Paradigm).spr     Download
Significance This protocol is designed for use with the SpectraMax® Paradigm Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with SpectraMax Tunable Wavelength (TUNE) Detection Cartridge and CatchPoint SimpleStep ELISA Kits (developed in collaboration with Abcam).

Abcam’s SimpleStep ELISA technology drastically reduces assay time by forming and capturing the antibody-analyte sandwich complex in the well of a microplate pre-coated with an immunoaffinity tag in a single step. The protocol requires only one incubation and one wash step before the fluorescent signal is developed, requiring just 90 minutes, a nearly two-thirds reduction in the time required.

*SoftMax Pro 7.0.3

Showcases Data Analysis
Read Mode Fluorescence Intensity
SoftMax Pro Version 7.0
Primary Instrument Used SpectraMax Paradigm
Suitability Any

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