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Molecular Devices

RIDASCREEN Gliadin competitive ELISA

Protocol File RIDASCREEN Gliadin competitive ELISA.spr     Download
Significance The RIDASCREEN Gliadin competitive ELISA is used to quantify gluten in food products down to 5 ppm and can be used to determine whether they meet the standard of <20 ppm gluten required for the label 'gluten-free'. The RIDASCREEN Gliadin competitive ELISA is an AACC International approved method (38-55.01) and an AOAC-approved Official Method of Analysis (First Action OMA 2015.05) and is also an ASBC international approved method (Beer-49).
Showcases Data Analysis
Read Mode Absorbance
SoftMax Pro Version 7.0
Primary Instrument Used Other
Suitability Any

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