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Molecular Devices

Every Kinetic OD per well

Protocol File Every OD per well Kinetic.spr     Download
Significance Every Kinetic OD per well
Showcases Other
Read Mode Absorbance
SoftMax Pro Version 6.1
Primary Instrument Used SpectraMax Plus384
Suitability Biotech

Molecular Devices Notes Section image is missing!

Added By Doug Standing Added On 2011-11-07 20:47:31 UTC
Last Updated By Doug Standing Last Updated On 2011-11-07 20:47:31 UTC
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Thanks for the protocol,
Would you happen to know how to convert the .spr file to .pda file for older version of softmax pro (4.7.1)?

Many thanks,
a w
2017-05-18 11:25:55 UTC

Hi A,

Thanks for this comment, and I hope you are able to get some benefit out of this version 6.1 protocol. Unfortunately, we don't offer any support for v4.x of SoftMax Pro (SMP), and we don't have a way to convert this protocol to an older format.

If you have v4.x you may be able to copy the formulas from the 6.1 version and manually recreate it. Check to see if your 4.x version installed with a formula guide, as our more recent versions do - this will help with formulas and syntax.

We are up to version 7 of SMP now, and still support (and sell for legacy customers) version 5 and 6. But, I'm sorry we can't help you out with this version 4 request. All the best and keep in touch, Bryan. 
Bryan Conn
2017-05-24 22:35:09 UTC

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for the comment.

I understand my programme is very outdated (speaking of at least 10 years), and I am glad that you are still willing to provide helps & possible solutions.

I will follow your advice & see whether it's possible to recreate the formula later.

Thanks a lot,
a w
2017-05-24 22:53:38 UTC

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