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Molecular Devices

EarlyTox Cell Integrity Kit

Protocol File EarlyTox Cell Integrity.spr     Download
Significance This protocol is designed to facilitate assay image acquisition and analysis on the SpectraMax MiniMax Imaging Cytometer.

The EarlyTox™ Cell Integrity Kit from Molecular Devices® is an optimized set of reagents that simplifies the measurement of live and dead cells in a single well. The assay uses two nuclear dyes that allow users to
detect changes in outer cell membrane permeability resulting from cell damage or cell death via necrosis,
apoptosis, or other mechanisms. Cell viability is assessed by counting the number or percent of live and
damaged cells.
Showcases Imaging
Read Mode Other
SoftMax Pro Version 6.4
Primary Instrument Used SpectraMax MiniMax
Suitability Any

Molecular Devices Notes Section image is missing!

Added By Cathy Olsen Added On 2014-04-03 16:28:15 UTC
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Sorry,I want to know how to open the spr file
Sam Hoo
2014-07-04 07:24:20 UTC

You need to have SoftMax Pro 6.4 or later installed. There is a link on this page to the download site for a trial version:

Keith Thomas
2014-08-29 21:27:39 UTC

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