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Molecular Devices

SpectraMaxQuant AccuBlue Pico dsDNA Assay

Protocol File SpectraMax Quant AccuBlue Pico dsDNA Assay.spr     Download
Significance Use this protocol to detect and analyze data for Molecular Devices SpectraMax®Quant™ AccuBlue™ Pico dsDNA Assay.

The SpectraMaxQuant AccuBlue Pico dsDNA Assay is used to quantify DNA from low-concentration or precious samples, which may be used in applications such as Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) or PCR. The assay is linear between 5 pg and 3 ng of dsDNA, which corresponds to sample concentrations of about 0.5 pg/µL to 300pg/µL in a 96-well microplate format. 
Showcases Data Analysis
Read Mode Fluorescence
SoftMax Pro Version 6.5.1
Primary Instrument Used SpectraMax i3x
Suitability Any

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